Cat Nap
by Toni Yuly

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends 

Coming in 2016 

ISBN-10: 1250054583
ISBN-13: 978-1250054586

Cat loves to nap.  If only he could find a good resting place to hide from playful (and wide awake) Kitten!  Mouse watches the fun as Cat hides here, there, and everywhere in search of a place to rest.  Will Kitten ever settle down for a nap?
© 2014-2015 TONI YULY. All rights reserved.
When Cat agrees to play hide-and-seek with Kitten, he underestimates his relentless opponent.
It’s noon: time for drowsy Cat’s nap, but curious Kitten has other ideas and suggests they play hide-and-seek. Initially Cat hides high atop a bookcase, but Kitten finds him. Next, Cat hides low, under a bed. Again, Kitten finds him. Cat tries hiding in the dark basement, but he’s exposed when wily Kitten turns on the light. Everywhere (a box, a bag, a hammock, a flower pot, a flower garden, and more) Cat hides, Kitten always finds him—even when the younger feline just gives up and tries to take her own nap. The simple text relies on repetition to stress Cat’s futile plight, while bold illustrations use flat, bright colors, basic shapes, and definitive black outlines to amplify Kitten’s successful pursuit. Kitten’s wild, impish eyes and playful facial expressions provide a droll contrast to Cat’s disdainful demeanor and occasional wide-eyed shock. Wee listeners should revel in locating Cat’s hiding spots almost as much as they will relish finding a teeny, watchful mouse tucked into its own hiding places, where it safely and silently observes the oblivious felines engrossed in their game.
Delightful pre-nap read-aloud fare. (Picture book. 1-3)—Kirkus
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Cat Nap
Board Book Edition

June 2017

ISBN-10: 1250112613
ISBN-13: 978-1250112613