Thank You, Bees
by Toni Yuly

Publisher: Candlewick 

September 2017 

ISBN-10: 0763692611
ISBN-13: 978-0763692612

This gentle message of gratitude and connection, enhanced 
by beautifully simple collage illustrations, makes for a charming gift.

Sun gives us light.
Thank you, sun.

Clouds bring the rain that help flowers grow. Sheep give us wool for our sweaters and hats. The honey that sweetens our bread comes from bees (thank you, bees). With spare, repetitive text and bright, torn-paper collage artwork, this picture book gives even the youngest readers a subtle sense of how everyday things are related — and inspires an appreciation for life’s simple gifts.
© 2014-2017 TONI YULY. All rights reserved.
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Thank You Bees - torn tissue activity sheet
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